Monday, April 19, 2010

Beach Bum

Cannon Beach, Oregon rocks my socks! Two weekends ago, on the advice of a couple friends, I, my brother and my mom took a drive to the Oregon Coast for a little R and R.

Of course a vacation is not a vacation unless at least one dog is involved so 7 came along for his first trip accross the border. Jazz and Cooper stayed behind. Cooper went to a family friend where he is "no longer welcome without supervision" :-/ and Jazz went to his Aunty Jody where he illicitly consumed about 400gr of chocolate and a butt-load of dried liver and dog cookies...but is still welcome there because, lets face it, everyone LOVES Jazz! :-)
I enjoyed this trip so much, I'm going again! In September a group of dog nerds including Faren "Mutts Unleashed" and Jody "(No)Tails of a Nutty Mutt" will be going for a "let's be nerdy with our dogs together!" trip. Once again, I think I'll only bring 7 as he gets the most out of a beach trip and just dealing with one dog is heaven!
Alright, enough rambling. Here are some of the pics of 7 having a blast...

"Are we there yet?"

"OMG, Throw it! Throw it! Throw it!"



7's frisbee form needs a bit of practice I'm afraid...

He does however, have "dramatic water exits" down pat...