Friday, October 1, 2010

As promised...

Here are some very sad pictures of 7 when he got home from his surgery. Being a dog with zero body fat, the drugs really hit him hard and he took quite a long time to recover.

Jazz sat near 7's crate for quite a while, it was pretty cute although I'm fairly sure he just wanted in the big comfy crate and didn't know why 7 should get all the attention.

At one point I heard some heavy breathing and snorting sounds coming from 7's recovery ward and saw this terribly pathetic but also too funny sight.

I actually had to opend the crate door and reposition his head to allow for more air flow.

The surgery got rescheduled for thursday (yesterday) as they had an emergency in the clinic on Wednesday morning that took precedence.
Today, I've been giving 7 some filled kongs to persuade him to stay *quietly* in his crate. This is apparently extremely unfair says Jazz and foster dog Reese. They believe they should be allowed stuffed kongs too, just for having to put up with their whiney brother!

I'm very happy with the job my vet did, I was able to be with 7 right up until he was fully under and they were about to put the tube down his throat. I had to leave for a hike with some client dogs otherwise I could have stayed for the whole procedure. His incision site is miniscule and so clean looking. There are no stitches to be seen as they are all under the skin and dissolvable. 7's empty "coin purse" is a pretty funny site flopping in the breeze and I do hope it goes away with time!