Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Adios Amigos!"

My poor wee puppy is finally getting the big "snip snip." He's going in tomorrow and while I'm happy to be finally doing it, I'm also being a super worried wussie mummy about it. I just can't stand the thought of my big baby in surgery!
Wish him luck!

Of course, post surgery, super sad 7 pictures to come! (I can be so cruel!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dog Nerd Beach Party

So, with the stressful Super Dogs audition week over (with a few flyball lessons, 7 will be ready for the team next year!) we decided to take the whole gang down to Spanish Banks dog beach for a doggy beach party. We started out with 13 dogs, which dwindled to 10 when someone got too cold and had to go home (Love you Loic!)

This was our attempt at a group photo...

Unfortunately I think puppy Kepler *just* walked out of the shot as this was taken but, trust me, this is the best one I got!

We went at super low tide which makes it look like you can walk all the way back home.

Cooper was in heaven checking out all the tide pools (and there were a LOT)

Besides the usual suspects a couple new(ish) faces joined our party.

This is Angel, a senior German Shepherd and a complete sweety...

Here's...oh crap! I forgot his name! He's awfully cute though, his permanent wink is terribly endearing.

Beezer: "Yep, I'm surrounded..."

Kepler needed a couple pit stops along the way. Life is tiring when you're a baby!

Finally we found the real ocean...Ryan and 7 were overjoyed...

However, 7's joy quickly turned to sorrow when he realized..."ooh mommy, it's cold!"

The dogs who swam did so with gusto and were retrieving ball after ball until our arms got sore...

While everyone had a great time, I think it was the "Four Musketeers" who really squeezed every last drop of fun out of the adventure. I swear, every time we get these four together, they immediately take off on their own version of tag that will last for hours if we let it!