Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ack! 7's been invited to try out for the Super Dogs!!! I just got the message tonight from one of my agility instructors (who has 3 dogs in the Super Dogs) that they want me to come for three days and check out the show. I will help out backstage and have 7 join the practices between shows. If they like him they will let him try something out in the show...I am SO excited and nervous. I think his only real struggle will be with letting other people restrain him while I lead out super far away to direct him over the huge, mostly straight courses. He's had an issue with strangers wrapping their arms around him in a "flyball hold" and I haven't been very good about working him through it. Oh well, I can just hope that they won't mind going slow with him at first.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AAC 2010 Nationals!

Phew! It's all done and over with :-) Myself and the dogs are back at home and adjusting to normal life again. I already can't wait for next year's Regionals...hopefully the baby dog won't embarass his big brother! If all goes well throughout the year I think I will enter Jazz in Regionals again instead of retiring as was my (sort of) plan. He's turning 10, and while that's not so old for a small dog, he is starting to suffer from his unfortunate conformation. I hope I can get one more year out of him as this Nationals wasn't what I know it could be. I don't know if it was the extreme nerves or I was just not able to focus with such prettiness all around but I know I didn't give Jazz the runs he deserved. I never felt fully connected to him and it showed. We didn't have a clean run all weekend. We came close, and a few of the runs were beautiful but I could tell we weren't as "on" as we usually are. That's not the trial I want to leave Jazz's career on.
Despite not being "all we can be," Jazz still managed to place (7th) and get me a big shiny ribbon! I love my ol' boy, he always tries so hard for me even when I'm not reciprocating.
Well, enough jabbering, let's look as some pictures! Here is the car that we crammed (literally) 6 dogs, 5 of which were not small! If you look closely you can see Jazz making especially sure he won't be left behind

Now, Faren demonstrates an interesting dog-loading technique on Beezer who seems a bit perturbed

*Ahem* Yep, the boy dogs on this trip got SUPER gay for eachother. They were adorable and disturbing all at the same time!

An interesting fact was discovered. We as a group are extremely patterned in our dog selection. Somehow we all ended up with one brown and one black dog...

7 looking studly in front of the famous "Canada Planks."

Those of you reading who have watched show jumping at Spruce Meadows, or who follow show jumping at all are probably squealing "Ooooh, the Canada Planks!" right now. I know I certainly did when I saw them up close and personal!

7 looking less studly. In fact, he's looking distinctly like "Goofy" in this shot. Awesome.

Here's a shot of our layout in the nice stall that we had all to ourselves. This was before Faren got stressed out on Saturday night and did was she does best...clean! We came back to a tidy, swept, sparkly (well, almost) stall after she was throught with it

This was 7's favourite part of the day...playing in the super awesome fountain!

And finally a few more driving pics, 'cause they're cute!

In closing here are a few of my runs from the event...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nationals Draws Near...

Well, the countdown is coming to a close. There are now only 3 full days left (including today) before we leave for Nationals. I am literally shaking in my boots with nervous energy. The roadtrip part is going to be a blast...3 girls and 6 dogs in a car...what fun! I'll try and get loads of pics and video of our adventure as well as the actual competition. 7 will be coming along to keep Jazz company and Cooper's going to stay with my much-abused mom! (thanks mumz!)
I hope I'm not too nervous to appreciate actually being at Spruce Meadows. I went there several years ago with my mom to watch the Masters and I've always wanted to go back. So many of the Greats of show jumping have competed there, the place has a certain awe inspiring feel to it.