Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hey strangers!

So, yeah...It's been almost 2 years since my last post. Which is not to say that life at Casa de Dog Nerd has been uneventful, quite the opposite in fact! However, there have been so many changes I can't even begin to catch up. I'll list the most important ones...
-We've moved. That's right, me and the dogs packed up and left home. I found the most agreeable landlord on the North Shore and promptly rented his awesome hobbit basement suite. I have the yard to myself and he lets me have as many dogs as will fit in the comically teeny doors. This means I can have boarding dogs too which is a godsend as without the extra income, I'd be living in an awesome hobbit cardboard box by now.

-I got a puppy. Yeah, I know. What was I thinking? This is what I was thinking...

Here she is at 6 months...

Here's her all grown up...

Her name's Odd. Her mom was a yorkie mix, dad unknown and she's ridiculous and adorable and RED :) She's almost 14 months now (bday April 25) and her agility training is fully underway and we're getting into the super fun sequencing faze. I'm going to put running contacts on her and I'm going to do it properly. Unlike the haphazard way I "trained" 7's running contacts. We have Silvia Trkman's DVD (LOVE her!) and next week we start an online course with her, so hopefully I'll have all the help I'll need to get fast and fabulous contacts :)

-7's still a Super Dog!
Last year we even got asked to travel to Saskatoon for a week of shows which was a blast. Odd came along for the socialization and even got in the show a few times :) 7 handled the plane ride like a champ, unlike me, who had a bit of a freak out about watching her boy get wheeled away into the bowels of the plane. Odd was wee enough to fit under the seat so she rode with me. Both of them made fast friends with the crew who we drove with every morning to the show site
*that's not my leg*
Hopefully this year Odd will get to make her "official" debut! Only time will tell if she keeps her puppy name "Popcorn" (of all the name's Chase has made up on the spot, this one actually isn't bad!)
Well, I know I'm forgetting something important but it's bedtime and my fingers are tired of typing. Stay tuned for a Regionals 2013 post! I promise.
Here's something adorable to tide you over until then

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